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Here is a list of simple sample project that you can download and play with.

Some of these projects might produce a huge number of compiling error due to the presence of deprecated versions of functions/methods names. In this case you must include this line of code just after the #include section at the very beginning of your script:


Tutorial XVR - 1 (Obj, Mesh, Billboards) XVR project (Zip 228 Kb)

Tutorial XVR - 2 (Lighting, Shading, Texture Mapping) XVR project (Zip 44 Kb)

Tutorial XVR - 3 (Shaders: HDR Cubemap) XVR project (Zip 3838 Kb)

Tutorial XVR - 4 (Shaders: Texture Mix) XVR project (Zip 512 Kb)

Tutorial XVR - 5 (Shaders: Parallax) XVR project (Zip 3414 Kb)

Tutorial XVR - 6 (Shaders: Shader room) XVR project (Zip 469 Kb)

Tutorial XVR - 7 (Shaders: Embedding in AAM) XVR project (Zip 2916 Kb)

Tutorial XVR - 8 (Audio 3D) XVR project (Zip 676 Kb)

Tutorial XVR - 9 ( Phisically based modeling- Tokamak) XVR project (Zip 34 Kb)

Tutorial XVR - 10 (Phisically based modeling- external DLL)

Tutorial XVR - 11 (Simple "Data In - Data Out" XVR/HTML communication)

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