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This page lists all the links to current versions of the main XVR related tools.

XVR Studio Developer 2.0

Since May 2011 a new version of the XVR script editor is under development. The new editor enriches the previous version of the IDE with several functionalities, among the others a debugger which allows to improve your programming experience with XVR.

XVR Developer Studio 2.0 has been developed on top of Eclipse Indigo. It represents a totally brand new product, fully customized, aimed at offer a complete toolkit for the development of XVR S3D scripts.

The project is hosted on SourceForge and is released under the Eclipse Public Licence.

The SourceForge project page hosts also:

Download the latest version of the editor.

XVR Script Editor

Also known as XVRStudio. See also XVR Documentation/XVR Studio.

AAM Exporters

See also Category:Exporters.

3ds Max

See also Precomputed Lighting.


See also Category:Blender.

Procedural objects exporter:



See also Category:Importers.

DAE Collada files

The dll files included in this package allow importing DAE COLLADA model files as XVR characters. Both dlls must be included in the root folder of the XVR project which uses this features.


XVR Swiss Knife

Online tool for generating projects, stub code, and DLL extensions

XVR Texture Converter

GUI to perform batch conversion of image files; *.dds compressed format supported.

XVR Shader Editor

GUI to assign shaders to AAM files and save modified AAMs. Allows also to modify shader parameters and see the results in an XVR window.

XVR Full Screen

Small utility which launches XVR enabled HTML pages in full screen. Position and size can be customized in the file params.txt.