Engine 0149

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This engine introduces the new CVmCamera class and add new mathematics functions.

What's new

  • Added several mathematical functions dealing with matrices, quaternions, angles conversions (see documentation for details)
  • Added CameraGetCurrent returning a CvmCamera object
  • Added CameraLinkToListener
  • Addes VarStringEncode, VarStringDecode
  • openGl support:
  1. Added glVertexAttrib implementation
  2. Added glGetError implementation
  • CVmCamera:
  1. Added the CVmCamera class and methods
  1. Added Seek method
  • CVmAvatar:
  1. Added hide/unhide flag for IK goals in the IKStart method
  2. Added GetFrames, ForceSkinSubsetMaterial, ForceSkinMaterial methods
  3. Added Normalize method
  • CVmBillboard:
  1. Added SetTexture method
  • CVmCharacter:
  1. Added SetPivotPoint, GetPivotPoint methods
  • CVmFbo:
  1. Added InitMultiSampling and EnableMultisampling methods
  • CVmLight:
  1. Added GetDirection method
  • CVmObj:
  1. Added LinkToWav method
  • CVmShaderProgram:
  1. Added GetAttributeIndex method
  • CvmText:
  1. Added support to non ANSI charsets in the CVmText constructor
  • CVmNewMesh:
  1. Added Append method
  2. Added support to subdivisions in VRP_PLANE procedural meshes
  3. Addes support to XVID compressed video textures
  • AAM files now start with a line indicating the type (meshes, characters, avatars etc.)
  • CAM files now start with a line indicating the modeler type (MAX, IDASF, VRML, etc.)

Fixed bugs

  • Console texts with y=0 did not appear
  • Translated residual italian documentation messages
  • Several corrections in the documentation
  • Materials and textures might have an odd behaviour if using materials display lists (default behaviour since version 148)
  • CVmMaterial:
  1. Transparency did not work correctly
  • CVmLight:
  1. SetLightParam did not work correctly with some parameters
  • CvmNewMesh:
  1. VRP_EXTRUSION procedural meshes were forced to have an integer height. Now it can correctly be a float.
  2. VRP_PLANE was forced to appear at z=-1 rather than at z=0
  3. ForceMaterial did not work correctly
  4. VR_SORT_TRANSPARENT might not work correctly together with VR_OPTIMIZE
  5. Improved texture coordinates handling
  6. Video textures might not work correctly when using display lists for materials (default behaviour since version 148)
  • CVmCharacter:
  1. IDASF files now have a default shinines of 64 rather than 0.5
  2. Now correctly supports material animations exported from 3dsMAX
  • CVmObj:
  1. SetScale did not work correctly
  • CVmBillboard:
  1. Double faced billboards had visualization errors in the back face
  2. SetMaterial did not work with textured materials
  • VmFunction:
  1. LoadBackground did not work correctly
  • CvmAvatar:
  1. LoadBVH did not work correctly
  • CvmText:
  1. SetPosition and SetScale did not work when using system fonts
  2. Passing an emty string to the constructor caused XVR to crash

Known bugs