Engine 0152

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Build 6948

What's new

  • Added a new bunch of functions dealing with trackers: SetTrackerPos(), SetTrackerRot(), SetTrackerJoy(), SetTrackerButton()
  • Vertical sync is now disabled by default
  • openGl support:
  1. added glShadeModel implementation
  2. added glClearDepth implementation
  • CVmNewMesh:
  1. Added SubsetCallDList() method
  • CVmCharacter:
  1. Added the method ShaderSetSubsetParameter()
  2. Added support to Visibility keys in AAM characters (automatically managed with AAM exported from 3dsMax 2011).
  • CVmTexture:
  1. Added "id" member (corresponding to opengl texture id)
  • CVmMaterial:
  1. Added Added GetDlist method
  • CVmObj:
  1. Added LinkToPreCallback method (automatically called prior to execute Draw)
  • CVmText:
  1. Added SetScale overloading to support uniform scaling (single parameter)
  • CVmExternDLL:
  1. in the __XVRInit it is now possible to retrieve the host window handle by passing the constant XVR_CONST_HOSTHWND.

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed randomly crashes on Vista/IE8
  • Fixed bug causing incorrect parsing of network paths for resources.
  • Fixed a bug causing user-defined class destuctors to delete the object prior to calling the destructor code.*Set/GetCameraAnimation bug
  • ConsoleColor did not work correctly when passing a color vector
  • SceneEnd now leaves unaltered the opengl texture state
  • Transformed all multimedia related Errors in Warnings to allow executing scripts even after multimedia faults
  • CVMCharacter:
  1. Improved the VRML parser for SolidWorks files (old behaviour could occasionally cause crashes)
  2. ComponentGetIDByDescription now correctly supports wildcard search
  3. Restored the correct behaviour of characters featuring shaders (because of inconsistencies in the management of TM display lists)
  • CVMNewMesh:
  1. Fixed parsing of per-vertex colors in AAM files (occasionally caused crashes)
  2. Fixed destructor related crashes on exit.
  • CVmMMVraw:
  1. Fixed destructor related crashes on exit.
  • CVmMMMp3:
  1. Improved handling of mp3 playing status detection.
  • Documentation:
  1. WriteComm, SceneSetParam, MatrixInverse_3, MatrixInverse_4 documentation
  2. CVmCharacter::GetBoundingBox() documentation