Engine 0155

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Build 6976 (August 4th 2014)

What's new

  • Added the CVmVRPNServer class to support VRPN servers
  • Various application and documentation fixes
  • XVRGlut:
  1. Added x64 version supporting applications demanding high-memory usage (e.g. huge 3D models)
  • CVmAvatar
  1. FIX: IK goal position from integer to floating point vector
  2. ADD: methods GetNBones and GetAvatarData
  • CVmCamera:
  1. ADD: Added SetPivotPoint method
  • CVmCharacter, VmObj, VmNewMesh:
  1. ADD: Added support to non integer frame_numbers for interpolated animations
  • CVmFBO:
  1. ADD: Added support to FBO with color+z+stencil buffer (VR_FBO_COLOR_Z_STENCIL)
  • CVmMaterial
  1. ADD: method GetTextureName
  • CVmNewMesh
  1. ADD: methods: SetMaterial, SubsetGetFrontFace, SubsetSetFrontFace, SubsetSetDoubleSide, SubsetGetDoubleSide
  • CVmObj
  1. ADD: methods: Hide, Unhide, IsCollidingBBoxOnly, GetID
  2. FIX: The global matrix of the object is now again calculated by default (during Draw). This solves the problems of functions like GetModelMatrix or IsCollidingBBox that, from engine 0150 on, needed the matrix to be explicitely required by passing VR_CALC_MATRIX to Draw. In order to change this default behaviour, the method CVmObj::EnableCalcMatrix can be conveniently called.
  • CVmShaderProgram
  1. ADD: methods: AddGeometryShader
  • CVmTexture:
  1. ADD: Added Name member (filename of the texture) and Free method (frees the memory of the texture)
  1. ADD: Added support to streaming audio buffers in OpenAL implementation (constructor + methods: UpdateStreamingSource, PlayStreamingSource, StopStreamingSource, SetPositionStreamingSource);
  • CVmVRPNServer
  1. ADD: Added CVmVRPNServer class
  • CVmWebBrowser:
  1. ADD: Added support to SetPosition, SetSize, GetPosition, GetSize also on XVRGlut
  • Functions:
  1. FIX: QuaternionToAngleAxis and AngleAxisToQuaternion
  2. ADD: CameraSetPivotPoint,SetTrackerLock,GetScreenResolution,SetXVRWindowFullScreen, EnumAudioStreamingDevices
  3. ADD: Added Hide parameter to DataIn/DataOut to prevent console display problem and related support
  • OpenGL:
  1. ADD: glAccum, glReadBuffer, glEnableClientState, glDisableClientState, glVertexPointer, glTexCoordPointer, glNormalPointer, glVertexAttribPointer, glDrawArrays, glDrawElements