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These are the release notes for the XVR Script Editor version 1.4.5.

Download 1.4.5 from here.

Release history

August 2008

New features

  • Menu bar/items update (all the unavailable functionalities have been removed)
  • It is now possible to change the default font for XVRScriptEditor via configuration file

Select Font

In order to change the default font for the XVRScriptEditor application, edit the configXVRSE.txt as follows:

[FIRST LINE: font name] 
[SECOND LINE: font size]


  • Example 1
Courier New		
  • Example 2
Lucida Console		

You can also delete or rename the configXVRSE.txt file. In this case the default font will be set to Courier New 12.
Beware: only fixed space fonts are allowed (such as Lucida Console, Courier, Courier New, etc.). Other fonts (such as Arial, Times New Roman etc. will generate awful results.

  • Updated documentation
  • Updated tools (XVRViewer and AAM exporters) and related documentation


  • Linked against the 149 version of the XVR Engine
  • Fixed several bugs
  • Added "Load Avatar" item, to load AAM avatar files
  • Added "Activate Optimization" in the Misc panels, to test the VR_OPTIMIZE flag

AAM exporter for 3dsMax

  • Added support to 3dsMax8 and 3dsMax2009
  • Possible to specify alternate map channels for primary and secondary textures
  • Added "Mesh Optimization" panel, to export reduced geometry complexity meshes

Bugs fixed

  • Restored association between AAM files and XVRViewer
  • Fixed bug causing crash when using the wizard to add new S3D files to the project
  • The PRJ icon was the same as the S3D icon
  • residual italian strings and error messages have been translated
  • minor changes in console output (wording, punctuation and such)
  • it is now possible to add *.html files to the project (previously only *.htm files were allowed)

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