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These are the release notes for the XVR Script Editor version 1.4.6.

Download 1.4.6 from here.

Release history

June 2009
August 2008

New features

  • Camera behaviours are now all contained in a specific header file (camera.s3d.h); it is now easier to switch camera behaviour even after the wizard has generated the project.
  • It is now possible to add to the project files from another folder (of the same partition).
  • Modified documentation, now links point to the opengl.chm internally generated from the official opengl documentation and shipped in the XVRStudio package.


  • Linked against the 150.6930 version of the XVR Engine
  • Added full support to SET statements for XVRGlut.
  • FIX: xvrglut was forced to start in fullscreen mode, even when not explicitely calling DoFullScreen.
  • FIX: forced white glcolor in XVRGLUT at the end of the initialization (otherwise textures and billboards would not appear).


  • Linked against the 150 version of the XVR Engine

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