XVR on Vista

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Windows Vista users may experience problems with XVR-enabled web pages, receiving an "Engine check error!" message when trying to access XVR contents.

This is likely to occurr if Protected Mode is enabled in Internet Explorer 7. This mode has changed the way IE deals with external application and related folders, affecting also XVR behaviour. While working to provide a safe and transparent solution, it is possible to temporarily solve the problem by disabling Protected Mode as follows:

 IE7 > Options > Security tab > [Select the appropriate zone] > [Uncheck the “Enable Protected Mode]

Alternatively, you may want to add the XVR-based site in your Trusted Zone, although this solution is a weak workaround for XVR developers which usually deal with lots of projects, pages and sites. A quick web search on "disable/turn off protected mode" will give you plenty of other suggestions, with different levels of security/effectiveness.

If you want to learn more about Protected Mode in IE7/Vista, have a look at: here

Note: next versions of XVR will be fully compatible with IE7 protected mode on Vista.